Winter is for the Birds!

We’re getting a healthy dose of winter weather. Ice, snow, and frigid temps are here! While most of us take refuge indoors, we can’t forget about our feathered friends. The good news is, if they haven’t flown south they can handle the weather. Still, survival can be a challenge. Providing wild bird seed, a water source, and a place to roost is a major help to their survival.

If birding is your thing, make sure to visit us at Bomberger’s for feeders and wild bird food to keep them flocking to your backyard all season.


Here are some winter birding tips:


1. Make Sure Food is Dry and Accessible
Tube feeders are great for protecting seed from the elements.

2. Provide Seed High in Fat & Protein
Food high in fat & protein provide high levels of energy necessary for keeping birds warm during the harsh winter months. You can try black oil sunflower seed, suet, and even peanut butter.

3. Give Them an Open Water Source
Water can be hard to find when everything is frozen. Water is needed to keep hydrated and groom feathers to help keep their bodies insulated. Try keeping your bird bath water thawed with a submersible bird bath heater or de-icer.

4. Add Some Warmth to Your Birdhouses
A birdhouse can provide a place to stay warm. Use dry grass to provide some added warmth.

5. Be Ready for the Weather
Don’t wait for harsh weather to hit before you try any of the above. Plan ahead. When the weather let’s up, be ready to clean and maintain those baths, houses, and feeders.