Joanna Gaines Inspired Christmas Craft

Check out this DIY! Just in time for the Holidays, we have an EASY Joanna Gaines inspired Christmas craft.

One of our employees re-purposed an old display from our showroom to create this sign. Props to her for creating a cute piece of Christmas decor, while reusing old materials!

Check out the steps that she followed below. Here is what you will need (We have provided the aisle location at Bomberger’s for each product):

  • Slab of wood (Aisle 13)
  • Letter stencils (Aisle 40)
  • Craft paint (colors of choice) (Aisle 33)
  • Cardboard (Aisle 40)
  • Clear sealant (Aisle 29)
  • Exterior sealant (if sign is being used outdoors) (Aisle 30)
  • Paint brushes (varying sizes) (Aisle 31)
  • Pencil (Aisle 40)
  • Scissors (Aisle 40)

Step 1 (optional): Paint the slab of wood a color of your choosing.

Step 2: Use the stencils to write “Fresh Cut” and “Christmas Trees” onto the wood. Paint the letters with the colors of choice. Be sure to leave space to insert the Christmas tree images, if desired.

Step 3: Using the cardboard, draw an outline of a Christmas tree; cut the tree out so you can trace it.

Step 4: Trace the Christmas tree outline onto the wood where desired and fill in with paint color of choice.

Step 5: Once dry, spray 3 coats of clear sealant onto the sign (use exterior sealant if placing sign outdoors).

Did you create this Joanna Gaines inspired Christmas craft? We would love to see your finished product! Snap a picture and post it on Facebook tagging @Bombergers.

Need supplies for this project? Stop by Bomberger’s and let us help.