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Light up the Night

Americans spend over $2 billion a year on candles– a fact that speaks volumes about our love of flickering flames. As if the mere enjoyment of flames wasn’t enough, recent research suggests that campfires can help to induce relaxation, increase sociability, and lower blood pressure in individuals.

At Bomberger’s, we love to imagine that the products we sell are used to bring people together and contribute towards a rich, well-rounded life– the humble fire pit may be the product that most captures that potential.

Come today to browse our wide selection of various types and styles of fire pits. Use your new fire pit to stay warm outside in the spring & fall, or to roast hot dogs & marshmallows all summer long!

Propane & Natural Gas Fire Pits

Propane and natural gas fire pits, like all fire pits, provide a wonderful outdoor atmosphere, but they come with an added level of convenience. With gas fire pits you don’t have to worry about constantly feeding wood into the fire or floating embers and sparks escaping where they don’t belong– your fire maintains a perfect, consistent flame without having to worry about wood smoke.

Wood Burning Fire Pits

The long legacy of wood burning fire pits speaks for itself. Nothing brings you closer to nature and deeper into relaxation than the sweet smell of wood smoke, the crackling of the fire, and the soothing ritual of feeding the roaring fire with another log. Wood burning fire pits have allowed generations of families to enjoy roasting hot dogs and s’mores over an open flame– a rustic, outdoor tradition that can be relished in your own backyard.

Fire Pit Seating

If you’re picking out a fire pit, you may also want to browse our selection of fire pit seating which elevates the look and comfort of your new backyard hangout. Fire pit seating is available in a variety of materials and styles to complement the design of your firepit and patio area.

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