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For the Love of Grilling

Did you know that the 4th of July is the #1 grilling day of the year in America? 87% of grill owners say they plan on firing up their grill on this great American holiday. Followed closely behind on the list of most popular grilling days are Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Father’s Day.

At Bomberger’s we love what the grill symbolizes for families in our neighborhood– a time to slow down with friends, enjoy good food, and spend time outdoors. Our store is well-stocked with everything you’ll need to host the ultimate backyard barbeque this year (minus the sunshine, friends, and food, of course!)

Brands You’ll Love & Accessories You’ll Need

We carry top grill brands like Weber, Broil King, Traeger, Big Green Egg, and Char-Broil. Alongside our selection of grills, you’ll find the accessories you need to complete your new setup:

  • Lump charcoal
  • Charcoal briquettes
  • BBQ cooking utensils
  • Grill covers

Propane & Natural Gas Grills

Propane and natural gas grills from brands like Weber, Broil King, and Char-Broil offer the clear benefit of being extremely convenient. These grills are quick to start and offer a hot, consistent fire with no mess. With the turn of a knob, gas grills can be adjusted to quickly change the cooking temperature across different zones.

If convenience is what you desire, a propane or natural gas grill might be perfect for you.

Wood-fired Pellet Grills

At Bomberger’s, we carry the popular line of Traeger wood-fired pellet grills. At the heart of the advantage of a pellet grill is the wonderful slow-cooked, smoky flavor that imparts a unique taste to every item you cook. Want to really impress your guests at this year’s annual BBQ? Bring out a wood-fired pellet grill and let them be amazed at your culinary skills.

Wood-fired pellet grills also have the benefit of a great consistent temperature and a wide-temperature range– for both low & slow cooking or fast, hot searing of meat. And unlike gas grills, you won’t have to worry about flare-ups.

Charcoal Grills

Weber and Big Green Egg produce some of the most recognizable charcoal grills in America. If you’re looking for a grill that brings back memories of bygone days and the sweet, smoky smell of charcoal grilling, this might be the perfect grill choice for you.

But the appeal of charcoal grills isn’t just nostalgic, there are some real benefits to consider. For starters, compared to gas grills, the dry, smoky heat of charcoal yields a delicious flavor to the meats that it cooks.

Charcoal briquettes and the design of these grills has made the start-up process quicker and more convenient than ever before. So, while you will have to wait slightly longer than a gas grill to get grilling, the extra steps can be a relaxing ritual that becomes part of the experience– and you might agree that the extra flavor is well worth the wait.

Electric Grills

Electric grills, like those from Char Broil, Masterbuilt smokers, and Weber Q Series provide the ultimate in user-friendly experience. The most significant advantage is that they can be started with the simple push of a button and the grill heats-up completely within minutes.

If you are often short on time, or don’t want the hassle of dealing with propane tanks, an electric grill might be the best investment for your backyard bbq needs.

Our helpful and knowledgeable team of store associates would love to help you decide on the perfect grill for your needs and within your budget. Stop by Bomberger’s to see our wide selection of grills in-person and to take your backyard barbecuing to the next level.

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