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The future of lawn mowing is here! Husqvarna’s Automower gives you the freedom to never have to worry about your lawn again. Just sit back and let the mower take care of the work of maintaining your lawn, it will even notify you if it ever runs into any issues. Automower integrates with some of the leading brands of smart home devices and is always being updated to become even more effective and discrete. The best part is that you don’t need to have a tiny suburban lawn for it to work! Automower can handle all kinds of terrain including hills, trees, and bumps. A single 450 model mower can handle up to 1.5 acres and you can even have multiple mowers work in conjunction for more acreage.

Want to keep an eye on your mower while it’s at work? No problem, most Automower models come with a GPS tracker and a mobile app that can completely control the habits and settings of your machine. View a map of the most recent route that your mower has traveled or send it back to its station before your guests arrive. Control the height of the lawn and whether your mower runs all night right from your smartphone.


Every Automower has a docking station that it returns to when its batteries are running low. Run time for these mowers typically ranges from 45 min to 5 hr depending on the model while charging time ranges from 45 min to 2 hr. The mower will continually cycle between charging and cutting if set for full-time operation. Charging stations can be customized to disguise them but must always be located at the edge of the lawn, typically next to a building.

Want to install your mower yourself? No one knows your lawn better than you and Husqvarna provides kits that make it easy for you to install the guide wires and charging station for your Automower. Every Automower requires a dog-fence-like wire to be installed around the perimeter of the mowing area, including routing around any raised obstructions throughout the yard. You may also want to install a few guide wires for the mower to follow if your yard is rather large or complex. The mower can navigate passages as narrow as a few feet if your lawn has multiple main areas and creative wiring solutions can be used to navigate to or exclude certain sections of lawn. If on the other hand you decide to let the professionals install your system, Bomberger’s provides free estimates for any application and our experienced installers will make sure that your mower works flawlessly out of the box.


Automower can be affordable for everyone! Many different models are available for every type of lawn including contractor models and financing is available through Husqvarna. Contact our sales representatives to inquire about your next mower.


Still thinking about a new Automower? Contact our sales representatives to get more helpful insight and knowledge about how this new technology can work for you. As a certified Husqvarna Automower dealer, Bomberger’s Power Equipment has many models in stock as well as live demos in our showroom and outside our store.


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