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Bomberger’s provides a variety of services that will have your machine running like new in no time. See our list of services below and Contact Us to schedule your equipment today.

Bomberger’s Power Equipment is an authorized dealer and warranty service center for John Deere, Honda Power Equipment, Toro, Echo, Husqvarna, Kohler Engines, and Briggs & Stratton.


Bomberger’s Power Equipment provides regular maintenance, repairs, and service for all types of lawn mowers including walk-behind push MOWERS, riding mowers and lawn tractors, reel mowers, tractors with mowing attachments, and zero turn mowers. We also service GATORS, compact tractors, and commercial equipment. Get a discount with our yearly service special which runs from November to January or our summer light service which runs in July. Our experienced mechanics will fix any problems that plague your mower and our full service including a steam cleaning of your machine to get it looking like new again. We also provide ‘on-the-road’ service if you would like your mower back in operating condition as soon as possible.

Is your trimmer, blower, or other TWO-STROKE appliance getting hard to start? Our mechanics know the secrets to getting these small wonders back to like-new working condition. Bring your chainsaws, string trimmers, and other motorized tools to us and we will get you back in business as soon as possible. With the increasing trend of ELECTRIC products, Bomberger’s now sells and repairs all electric power equipment sold from our store. Don’t get frustrated with your old equipment that won’t start! What looks like the end of life to you could just be a few turns of a screwdriver for the right mechanic.


Don’t get caught in a winter storm without your snowblower running reliably. We recommend always having a yearly service done on your SNOWBLOWER due to the fast degradation of today’s fuel. Ethanol in the gas you use can break down in as quickly as a few months and will clog up the carburetor on your snowblower in the blink of an eye. Bomberger’s always recommends using fuel treatment with your gasoline but even if you do, it is still a good idea to get your equipment checked out before the first snow hits. Our snowblower service special typically runs in September or October and we provide free pickup & delivery to local areas surrounding our store. Our experience technicians will have your snowblower in excellent mechanical condition so you can have peace of mind this winter.

Want to get your mower serviced but have no way to transport it? Not a problem, Bomberger’s has a PICKUP & DELIVERY service that will suite your needs. Just let our drivers know where your equipment will be and they will take care of loading on our trailer and delivering it right back where it was when your service is finished. We also offer this service for FREE to customers in Lancaster and Lebanon counties during our yearly service specials. Did your mower die in the middle of the lawn? Our winch can pull it out and onto the trailer for our mechanics to fix it for you.


Our Service Rates

Walk-Behind Mower Service Special$109.99 plus parts

FREE Pickup & Delivery – November to January

Provides: Oil change, spark plug, filters, check air filter system, test ignition system, adjust carburetor, cleaning, test compressions, replace fuel with fresh treated gasoline, test blade clutch, test drive system, clean grass from deck, adjust & lube all cables, check exhaust ports, sharpen blades.

Snowblower Service$99.99 plus parts

FREE Pickup & Delivery – September

Provides: Oil change, spark plug, check drive belts, check and adjust carburetor, lube cables, replace fuel with fresh treated gasoline, adjust auger height.

Hand-Held/ 2-Cycle Service$59.99 plus parts

Provides: Oil change, spark plug, filters, adjust carburetor, test run.

Generator Service$99.99 plus parts

FREE Pickup & Delivery – August

Provides: Oil change, spark plug, filters, adjust carburetor, test run, test fuses and outputs.

Riding Mower Service Special – Price By Size plus parts

– Rear Engine Riders, D-Series, Gators, X300, LX, LA, LT, Z225, Z445, Z245 – $199.99

– GX300, 300, 500, X500, 325, 335, 345 & 700 series – $269.99

– GT, GT235 & 200 Series – $269.99

– Commercial Z-tracks, 737, 757, f-Series – $269.99

– Compact Tractors – $389.99

FREE Pickup & Delivery – November to January

Provides: Oil change, spark plug, filters, check air filter system, test ignition system & battery, adjust carburetor, cleaning, test compression, treat fuel with stabilizer, check charging system, test run, clean grass from mower deck, level deck, sharpen blades, check all belts, adjust and lube all cables, grease bearings, check air pressure, check steering & brakes.

Mid-Summer Service (For Riding Mowers) – $119.99 plus parts

FREE Pickup & Delivery – July 1 – 30

Provides: Oil change and oil filter, change fuel filter, check idlers and belts, sharpen blades, level and clean deck, test run.

Did you know Bomberger’s provides blade sharpening for all types of blades? From scissors to shears to lawn mower BLADES, our mechanics can sharpen it and restore the cutting edge to your tools. We also repair and replace all lawn & garden sized TIRES whether it is a nail in the tread or just worn out from years of hard work. Just drop off your blades and tires at our service desk and they will be ready to go by noon the following business day.


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