Spotted Lanternfly Problems?

Spotted Lanternfly Products at Bombergers

Have you seen Spotted Lanternflies at your home, in the park, or elsewhere?

Spotted Laternflies are an invasive insect from Southeast Asia that showed up in Berks County and have been spreading across Eastern Pennsylvania.  These insects cause massive damage to trees and other food crops, like grapes.

If you are looking to protect your trees and crops, you need to act now!

The DCNR (PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources) says that you should kill these insects if you can.

Bombergers offers an array of products in our Lawn & Garden department that can help you combat this pest.

We offer insect controls that will kill Spotted Lanternflies on contact and are safe to spray on trees and plants. Some of these products include:

  • Bonide Eight
  • GardenTech Sevin

We also offer systemic options like BioAdvanced Tree & Shrub Protectant & Feed. These options protect trees from insects for an entire season.

Other measures that you can take are identifying and destroying a tree of heaven, which is an invasive plant that serves the Lanternfly as its favorite host plant. Getting rid of this will help to reduce the ability of this pest to breed.

Tree of Heaven
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If you are having problems with Spotted Lanternflies, or just want to take preventative measures, Bombergers is always here to help. Stop in and see us today!